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How to be a cam girl and make big money.

Believe it or not, the mainstream press has reported that top webcam models are raking in more than $75,000 per month! Massive amounts of money are being made by people just like you…sitting in front of a webcam, right from the comfort of home!

How to become a cam girl - Webcam modeling courseHey, I’m Buttler, and for the past several years, when I wasn’t blazing my behind off, I was racking up tons and tons of experience as an adult webmaster promoting cam sites and training camgirls. In that time, I absorbed the methods of some of the most successful webcam models in the webcamming industry and have amassed a huge amount of knowledge about how exactly to kick major butt in this business. I learned early on that there was a specific way to work the cam that could propel just about any new model to significant levels of income in just a few months, when the strategy is applied consistently.

Not only did I figure out how webcam models succeed, I also realized what makes many models fail. It’s an unfortunate reality that the vast majority of new cam girls and guys in this industry end up quiting after the first few weeks. The reason for this is that most beginners make some very serious mistakes that end up dooming their camming careers from the start…and the heartbreaking part of it is that these mistakes are entirely avoidable, if you have the right information.

Webcamming Money - Become a Cam Girl

I ultimately decided to arrange the information and knowledge I had amassed, over all those years, into what I call the “Uber Camming Strategy.” I present this material in the “Uber Cam Star Webcam Modeling Course,” which is a comprehensive 7-lesson instruction manual that shows you exactly how to become a cam girl or webcam model and exploit the tried and true methods that elite models have successfully used for years to make major bank in the adult webcamming biz.

I go over all the juicy stuff, from proper behavior while broadcasting, to ridiculously effective seduction tactics, to content upsell methods that can blast your revenues through the roof, to setting up the perfect private shows that last until the cows come home. I’ll show you how to get comfortable and confident broadcasting on cam, how to use themed shows to keep your audience interested, and how to attract and keep regulars who will spend money on you like it’s going out of style.

Plus, I’ll teach you exactly what NOT to do, so that you can avoid making the costly newbie mistakes that destroy so many camming careers from the crib. All this, and much, much more!

This course is perfect for you, whether you’re a total newbie to this business who needs to learn the ropes the right way, or whether you’re a current model who’s tired of making peanuts while watching the top performers haul in reams and reams of cash. The tips, tricks, and secrets contained in this course could put you on the path to making it BIG in webcam modeling, and show you how to be a cam girl who hauls in the benjies day after day, month after month!


How To Become a Cam Girl / Webcam Model The Right Way

Cam girl

You don’t need to be gorgeous to be a cam girl, you don’t need to be a teeny bopper (Cougars are HUGE right now), and you don’t even need to be in shape (indeed, “BBW” is one of the fastest growing niches in the industry…a vast amount of money is being made in that sector). All you need is a determination to apply my techniques and be able to broadcast on cam. That’s it!

Trust me, this business is taking off and making a lot of cam girls and guys financially independent in the process. But how can you hope to compete with the top models if you don’t have the critical information they’re using to haul-in all that cash?

Uber Cam Star is the freaking Bible of adult webcam modeling, and it can give you the knowledge you need to really rock the cam and make serious bank in this growing and extremely lucrative industry. Best of all, it can make webcamming waaay EASIER by showing you tricks that quickly and efficiently pull in great money time and time again!!


By @SmartyKat314
Buttler Camlord’s course changed my entire camming career. After applying the methods taught in his course to my own work, my income more than doubled. Camming no longer feels like a gamble, but a career which is both fulfilling and financially rewarding. Anyone can be successful and I recommend his course to everyone struggling in the field regardless of looks, gender, or age.”

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  • Warmup your chat room and get members eager to tip. – Lesson 3
  • Choose a unique and catchy model name that reinforces your brand image. – Lesson 1
  • Seduce members into buying shows with carefully performed “cam dances.” (Most models get this totally wrong!) – Lesson 5
  • Employ upselling techniques to make more money off your fan following. – Lesson 6
  • Prolong your private shows the right way, without making it obvious. (Doing this the wrong way can ruin your model reputation and prevent members from becoming regulars!) – Lesson 7
  • Use tried and true flirting techniques (like mirroring, grooming gestures, and more) on cam to enhance your ability to monetize your chat room. – Lesson 3
  • Build an army of “regulars” who will frequently take you private and buy your content. – Lesson 7
  • Employ the naughty “Theory of Special Arousal” cam trick to get your viewers revved up to take you private. (One of the most effective and deliciously clever tactics in the industry!) – Lesson 5
  • Get clear on what kind of webcam and connection speed you need for quality camming. – Lesson 1
  • Attract big-spending “cam whales” by laying bait for them where they love to hangout. – Lesson 7
  • Behave on cam in ways that will help you build a loyal following and promote positive feedback. – Lesson 2
  • Put on the kind of show that engages your chat room audience and gets them ready to tip. – Lesson 5
  • Get into the heads of your cam viewers and figure out exactly what they want. – Lesson 2
  • Run the kind of games and chat room events that entertain viewers and keep them tipping. (Most models seriously screw this part up and make their rooms “toxic” as a result.) – Lesson 5
  • Understand the way tipping works, and exactly why members tip models. – Lesson 6
  • Create a profile with the special elements that will intrigue members into wanting to get to know you better. (Boring profiles can turn off members with the most money to spend!) – Lesson 1
  • Discover exactly which “boner songs” have proven to be most effective for cam dances. – Lesson 5
  • Use exercises to help you become more psychologically comfortable with broadcasting nude on webcam. – Lesson 3
  • Protect your privacy & anonymity when you cam and when regulars buy stuff off your wishlists. – Lesson 1
  • Develop an outgoing style on cam that will attract more people into your room and improve your ability to monetize your audience. – Lesson 3
  • Intelligently exploit chat room trolls in ways that can actually make you money. (I call this the ancient and deadly art of “Camjitzu!”) – Lesson 4
  • Use “chain upsells” to sell multiple public shows in the same chat session. – Lesson 6
  • Pump your room full of energy and excitement. – Lesson 4
  • Avoid the critical mistakes on cam that can ruin your rep. – Lesson 2
  • Tease your audience effectively using visual cues and color-induced arousal tactics. – Lesson 5
  • Create the kind of video and pic content that will make your fans drool. – Lesson 6
  • Deal with the dreaded “newbie period” that most new cam girls must endure. – Lesson 2
  • Increase your room count quickly, then keep the viewers engaged and interested. – Lesson 4
  • Use easy and effective self-help techniques to increase your self-discipline and at-home work ethic. – Lesson 2
  • Plus, you’ll also learn about the top 5 cam site networks and how they work, which sites are best to start your camming career at, what “studios” are all about, the truth behind cam network revenue splits, and much, much more!


Fun, Engaging, & Digestible Webcamming Course Material

ButtlerBotI just want to assure you that, even though this is a pretty jam-packed 7-lesson pdf course, Uber Cam Star is definitely not boring! I hate boredom more than hangnails, zits, or hemorrhoids (and, believe me, I reeaaallllyyy hate hemorrhoids). I intentionally wrote UCS using a fun and engaging style that will keep your interest, make you laugh, and deliver the information in a way that allows you to actually learn it and absorb it, not merely memorize it. It’s built so that you can take it in at your own pace, and it’s quite concise, so you don’t need to navigate through a lot of crap to get to the juicy parts. In other words, as a UCS student, you can rest assured that Professor Buttler won’t let you down. But, even if I do, ButtlerBot definitely won’t! (His programming won’t allow him to, actually.)

Learn How To Be a Cam Girl at a Great Price!

Now let’s talk about the price-tag. When I wrote the first draft of this webcamming course, I asked a couple ex-camgirl friends to read it over and tell me what they thought. After reviewing it, they both couldn’t believe that I was planning to sell it for under $100. They mentioned that the typical model using the information in the course could easily double or triple their income. They said I should actually consider offering it for two or three hundred dollars per copy.

Well, I happen to know that quite a few new and current models simply would not be able to afford a price anywhere near $300 (at least not without cutting deeply into their weed budgets, and I can’t have that!!), so that’s out of the question entirely. At the same time, I don’t wish to make this course available at so low a price that just anybody can get access to it. If that happens, then the tactics presented would most likely become over-saturated and might lose their effectiveness. I finally decided that the best price for UCS would be a cool $49.


If you buy now, you’ll pay less than 50 bucks for a course that could arguably help you make more money than you ever dreamed you possibly could while sitting at home in front of your webcam! If you think about it, you’d only need to score a private show or two to make back your investment. This is what the cool kids call a “no-brainer.”


Learn How To Be a Cam Girl in The Webcamming Business Today!

So, there you have it. Will you take your best shot at achieving webcam modeling success by acquiring the single best educational resource in the industry…a course that can teach you the elite tricks, techniques, and methods that have turned the top cam girls and male models into money making powerhouses?

Or, will you pass this opportunity up and hope you can figure it all out yourself, with lots of trial and error, lots of costly mistakes, and lots of wasted time? Take action and start rocking the cam like a boss with UCS!

Here’s to wishing you all the very best! Now take a bong hit, hold that mother in for a good 20 seconds, and do what you know you gotta do!!

– Buttler Camlord

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